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We are located at:

305 W 3rd St, Room 16
P O Box 538,
Rainier, OR 97048

Phone: 503.556.3614

Our office is open by appointment only. To visit, come to the Riverside Community Church. The front doors are locked for security. Please call us and we'll come and open the door.

About UWCC

The United Way of Columbia County is a 501-c3 non-profit corporation. Although it is an International Brand each United Way is autonomous, governed and managed by a local volunteer board. All funds raised are used to support local programs within Columbia County for the residents of Columbia County.

To understand more about the umbrella of United Way organizations, visit the United Way World website.

To donate to United Way of Columbia County, you may use the Donate button on this website or download a donor form on the Home page.        

United Way Board Members

 United Way Board Members

Diane Dunn                                          Ben Buss   
Deer Island Manor                              Geary Pacific Supply

Lori Jackson                                        Margaret Magruder   
Foss Maritime                                    County Commissioner

Elaine Heck                                          Laureen Tice
Retired Volunteer                               Arrow Dental 

Levi Winfrey                                        



 United Way Associate Board Members

Tom Bates                                       Genell Grow    
Mind Over Matter, LLC 

Ina Bates                                          Henry Heimuller           
Volunteer                                          County Commissioner                  

Tracy Murray                                    Ted Olson

Volunteer                                           Scappoose Business and Tax



Your Administrative Team

Claire Catt
 Executive Director

 UW Executive Committee

Diane Dunn

Ben Buss
 1st Vice President

2nd Vice President

Margaret Magruder
Secretary/ Treasurer