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Tax Deductible Donations - Easy!


 100% goes to

United Way of Columbia County

Your tax-deductible donations help  in Columbia County, supporting organizations that provide services for the residents of Columbia County.

Please check out other ways you can donate on our Donate 4 Free page.

There Are Many Ways To Donate

These programs  generate a donation directly to the United Way of Columbia County.

  The GoodSearch Toolbar - This small download creates a toolbar in your browser. Each time you use the toolbar to search the Internet, or shop online, money is  donated to us by GoodSearch.org. or Goodshop.org   http://www.goodsearch.com/goodto-go/united-way-columbia-county

Sign Up for Fred Meyer Community Rewards - .https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4. If you already have a Fred Meyer Rewards card, select the link in the middle of the page "link your card".On the following page, create an account and when prompted to enter the organization number, enter:  81537 

Shop at Amazon.com? Sign up for the Amazon Smiles Program, and a portion of your purchase is donated to us. And once again, this is paid to us directly from Amazon, at no cost to you. Visit the Amazon Smiles home page for more details:  https://smile.amazon.com/  

Do you Sell on Ebay? Did you know that when you create an auction at Ebay, you can elect to have a portion of your  sale automatically donated? You can donate any percentage you choose, from 1% up to 100% of the sale price. Visit : http://givingworks.ebay.com/ for more information

Here's another way to donate.  Volunteer your time with the United Way. Interested? Just give us a call and we'll get your started.  

Do you have a car that is  just sitting in your driveway? Consider donating the car to the United Way. Contact Donate For Charity at www.donateforcharity.com.  Fill out the online donation form and select United Way of Columbia County to direct your donation. After your form is submitted, a Donate For Charity representative will call you  to go over the information and answer any questions you might have. You may also call 866-392-4483 (Monday through Friday - 8am to 5pm.) to make your donation.

Does your employer offer payroll tax deduction to charity? Do they offer an annual giving campaign ? If so, you can give via payroll deduction . If your employer does not run a yearly campaign, Contact us to help you ask them if they would consider starting one.

Are You an Oregon PERS Recipient If you are a Oregon PERS recipient, you can now help change lives in your local community with a credit card or an ACH (bank) transfer donation. It can be a one-time or as a recurring gift, and you can split your gift among a wide range of  charities. Visit  www.ipledgeonline.org/_rpe online, and register with the system, and then make a gift to United Way of  Columbia County, Rainier, Oregon. It's easy, secure, and yourgift will continue to have an impact!

WOW! Look at all of the ways to donate that are either free, nearly free, or get you an awesome tax credit. 

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